Interests in algorithm, protocol, and open-source application development.
Algorithmic specialties include cryptography, boolean satisfiability, and graph theory.
Specializes in PKI, cryptographic engineering, and government certifications.


Hashicorp - Senior Software Engineer II - Vault CryptoSecSeptember 2021 - present

Leads Vault PKI development, roadmap, and planning.
Advocates for and delivers complex features like ACME, CA rotation, OCSP,
        cross-cluster unification, usability, and operator improvements.
Guides and implements Vault's FIPS Inside strategy, developing
        patches to internal BoringCrypto and Go toolchain forks.
Strong developer: became #9 contributor to Vault OSS (1,159 total contributors)
        with over 300 accepted changes.
Internally advocates for and contributes to customer success.
Promoted May 2023.

Artaria String Quartet - Board MemberJuly 2023 - present

Canonical - Ubuntu Security Engineer - Certifications & ComplianceApril 2021 - August 2021

Delivered FIPS and CIS compliance tooling to Ubuntu Advantage customers.

Red Hat - Software Engineer & Team Lead - Red Hat Certificate SystemSeptember 2018 - March 2021

Primary maintainer of JSS a NSS wrapper for Java
Major projects include developing javax.net.ssl support, extending
        Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) compatibility, low-level algorithm enablement,
        and support of Common Criteria certification.
Development team lead; frequent cross-team and cross-organization contributions.
Contributor to many open source ecosystems including Dogtag PKI, FreeIPA, NSS, OpenSCAP,
        MIT Kerberos, fapolicyd, rpminspect, and FreeRADIUS.
Fedora and RHEL maintainer contributing to efforts such as the Stewardship and
        Java Maintenance SIGs.

Red Hat - Intern - OpenSCAPJune 2018 - August 2018

Simplified SME contribution experience to the Compliance as Code project.
95 accepted pull requests to Compliance as Code and 25 accepted pull requests to
        OpenSCAP and SCAP Workbench.

Red Hat - Intern - Identity ManagementJune 2017 - August 2017

Focused on enabling Channel Bindings in MIT Kerberos.
Over 20 accepted pull requests across MIT Kerberos, gssproxy, ding-libs, python-gssapi,
        and libverto.
Contributed to improving Kerberos interactions with SSH and NFS
        (Red Hat Bugzillas #1199363, #1477231, and #1463665).


Open-Source Contributor2010-always

Contributes to several open source projects including Hashicorp Vault (top-10), the Go Toolchain,
        NSS, CryptoMiniSat, Gitea, Let's Encrypt Boulder, cryptofuzz, and Apache Tomcat.
Publishes over 75 open-source projects including cmsh, p, sharg, SSSa libraries, and many others.

Willow Patch Games2020-2021

Online multi-player word and card game platform for the family.

Collisions in Hash Functions2017 - 2018

Research under Dr. Eric W. Davis (Rozier) and Dr. Clifford Bergman.
Modeling collisions in hash functions as 3-CNF-SAT problems.
Deriving metrics of utilities of collisions to evaluate impact of a collision.
Analyzing breadth of collision malleability.
Improving bounds for second preimage attacks.
Contributing to open access and open source research.
"Measuring Hash Trustworthiness via Collision Utility Metrics: Logical Cryptanalysis of MD4"
        A. Scheel and E. Rozier (unpublished)


Cryptographic challenges which attacking insecure assumptions. Completed 63 out of 66 problems in Go.


Various cryptographic algorithms with cross-architecture implementations in C.


Iowa State University (2015 - 2018)

Honors College Project: Collisions in Hash Functions (see above)
Degrees: Computer Science and Mathematics
Honors: ΦΒΚ Junior Inductee, Spring 2017
Honors: magna cum laude & Honors Program


ACM ICPC - North Central North America region

Fall 2017: 1st in site, 4th place overall

ΦΒΚ Junior Inductee, Spring 2017

ISEAGE Cyber Defense Competitions

National CDC: 1st place - 2016
ISU CDC: 2nd place - Fall 2015


Programming Languages:
C, Java, Python, Go, C++, Bash, Ansible, rpmspec, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JSX, React, JavaScript, PHP
Operating Systems: Fedora, RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, occasionally Gentoo
Orchestration: Podman, Docker, KVM, libvirt, AWS, GCE, DigitalOcean, RHEV
Project Management: Git, GitHub, Pagure, Gitea
Protocols and Encodings: TLS, Kerberos, ASN.1, XML, JSON, YAML
Editors: Atom, Brackets, Gedit, Vi, Emacs, Nano, Eclipse, Word, Google Drive
Daemons: Apache httpd, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SSH, Nginx, FreeRADIUS, Kerberos

References available upon request